For my Evaluative 100 words on the ‘Made For Trade’ exhibiton, i decided to write it in a article style for a magazine such a Vogue. I’m fairly pleased with how it has turned out but not 100% sure with the layout. As it is only one hundred words its much more of a sample article rather than a full version if it was actually going to be published.This is how it looks at the moment:

Article reads:

First thought when entering the small but intriguing exhibition was the vast range of colours used on every wall. The collection of contemporary and historic pieces brought out the finest colour palettes inspired from the pieces origins such as Africa, America and Asia.

Summarising the exhibition on the whole it really captures the essence of networking, and making trade around the world. They way each country creates, and handcrafts a piece which then inspires other countries, villages onto other projects. Such as the brightly coloured bead from Asia transforms into a delicate patterned bracelet from Africa demonstrating that trade spreads influence.


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