We had a trip to the Pitt Rivers museum in Oxford to look and gain inspiration from the ‘Made For Trade’ exhibition as well as the huge collection of anthropology and world archaeology. My first thought was just how big the collection was, and just didn’t know where to start looking and what to focus on. It was difficult to take it all in at first but after a while i could easily pick out my favourite and most interesting pieces that could relate to my first project; Melting Pot. Based on a culture or mixture of cultures this was perfect primary research to conduct and use. Such as handcrafted jewellery, African pots and statues, glass bead work and much more!

Below are some of my photographs i took whilst i was there and will take forward as a primary source of research to start my design project.

When i was at the museum taking photographs, the brightly coloured beads, and Aztec bag stood out to me the most and sparked the idea of possibly focusing in on the Aztec Culture for my Melting Pot starting point.


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