We have now had a few lessons in pattern cutting and i feel as if im getting use to it slowly day by day. At first it was a struggle to use the Pattern master in the correct way and getting use to be extremely accurate with measurements and drawings but practise makes perfect. What we have covered so far is the basic bodice block, moving/changing darts, creating panels and seams. I have had a small bit of experience with pattern cutting before but not to this extent of actually measuring and creating pieces myself. So i knew a fair bit before but it was hugely beneficial to go back to basics to ensure i knew everything.
With the Bodice pattern we actually pinned together as if it was being made, and pinned it to the mannequin to get a feel of how it would look and fit as a possible finished outcome. This was good to see the flat pattern piece actually become a 3D structure that would end up being a functioning garment.

Below are the photos i took in the studio of it on the mannequin. I am pleased with the pattern piece outcome as it fitted the mannequin very well so can now move on to the next stage without worrying if the pattern piece is the correct fit when sewing it in calico.


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