Just an update on my melting pot project, after collecting all my photographs from the museum and initial thoughts and ideas i brainstormed the main points and pathways that have potential to develop into a strong project. After the museum i knew i wanted to look at the Aztec culture, really liked the textured aztec print handbag in the ‘made for trade’ as well as the handcrafted elements from Jewellery pieces.

With the Aztec culture, the first path i thought i could go down is the idea of history behind the tribes, what they believed in, family influences etc. The second pathway was the typical idea of looking at aztec influence prints and patterns, using colour and shape as a primary focus and the third pathway which was my favourite and strongest idea was focusing of the area of handcrafted goods. Relating to the way the Aztec tribes handcrafted all their goods and services out of found objects and resources they had to hand. It was definitely important for me to understand a pathway to focus on otherwise the subject matter of the Aztec culture was too wide and would of got lost in all the research to explore. Now i have a primary focus, the melting pot will be much more structured and experimental.

After deciding on the handcrafted element (strongly relates to Pitt Rivers Photography) i was really excited to start designing in my sketchbook using my first hand sketches and mark making experiments to create unusual textures. To start of with here are some working drawings that could be developed into final illustrations inspired by my pen and ink sketch of a beaded and shell necklace. I quite like the alternative ‘sketchy’ style they have, even though i used fine liner and water colours. They feel more free and loose, playing around with the shapes rather than being a final functioning garment idea.

Illustration of shell & beaded necklace

Working sketches focusing on texture for possible design ideas


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