Last week we went to London to source some fabrics for our project and to identify ourselves as designers. We started of at looking at the ‘cheaper’ fabric shops at Sheppards Bush, but to be honest not all of them were that cheap! It was interesting though to compare each shop with prices and what actually is available. In Particular there was one shop which stood out to me just because of the wide range of fabrics as well as the help of the shop owner compared to the other places.

After a crazy hour or so asking for many swatches, colours and names of fabrics we decided to go to Soho and look at the expensive side of fabric! was excited to explore these shops as i have not done so before. My favourite shop was ‘The Cloth House’, instantly fell in love with the fabrics, trimmings, buttons and the interior of the shop is exactly how i would imagine a shop of mine to be like. It was like an adult sweet shop! i wanted everything..although prices were alot higher here i would be willing to pay a bit more for the quality!!

From Cloth House website

Fabric swatches sourced from london!

Names of fabric shops i visited and collected swatches: Fabric House Ltd, Orya Textiles, Classic Textiles, The Cloth House, Broadwick Silks London.


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