I’m really enjoying the theme/area of my design project, and have looked at the handcrafted element in more detail. Such as looking into the use of ‘found objects’ i like the idea of making or designing something with only the tools/materials you find and have to hand rather than what you go to purchase. Just like how the Aztec culture would of made their goods from only what they had.

Areas and materials i’ve looked at so far include fringing, fabric maniplulation, fraying, shells, feathers, sticks, stones. In particular the sampling and experimenting with changing the found fabrics and maniplulating them in different ways has gone well to create unsual textures like fringing – gives a handmade touch to the work. I also think that the work and illustrations i have done using shells that i picked up at the beach work well but to improve i might break them up into even smaller pieces, i think that will give it more of a contemporary professional look.

Ive also looked at my colour pallete further, i’ve noticed that as my sketchbook develops its become more ‘neutral’ in the shades of colour – quite like the idea of using the shells, sticks and stones as primary colour inspiration for the overall design pallette so that the whole project links together well. Below are some images of my sketchbook developments…


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