All Shirts – Topshop
So the time has come for us to create our shirts on our own! Can’t believe how quickly this pattern cutting term has gone but have really enjoyed learning the basics! So far i have created my pattern pieces for the shirt ready to cut out onto fabric. Changing the dart was the most difficult and time consuming because of getting use to the idea of a contour dart but made it in the end! I’ve done a bit of research and found some shirts i like from the popular highstreet store Topshop.

Sleeveless Stripe Shirt £32 – Above i like the bold red and white stripes making the top really stand out and the sleevless style.

Orchid Pyjama Style Shirt £40 – This is a unusual style of shirt ‘pyjama’ style, with the extended curve collar and long sleeves.

Premium Piped Geo Shirt £45 – Simular shape to a peter pan collar with the curved shape but situated on a shirt.

Embellished Scatter Bead £40 – This is more of a ‘blouse’ style as it doesn’t have buttons or seam at front/back. The unusual use of beaded embellishment on the contrasts well with the thin fabric.

Long Sleeve Collar Tip Shirt £36 – Long sleeved chiffon shirt, with two pockets! i like the added decorative touch to the collar corners. Not overly detailed but makes the shirt more interesting.

Porcelain Scarf Print Shirt £38.00 – This shirt has a querky touch witht the two tones of fabric. The Bold black collar stands out against the floral pattern. I like the way the cuffs have been done in the same fabric, and matching the buttons to balance the overall look.

Floral Pintuck Collar Blouse £35 – This is a very feminine blouse/shirt due to the floral patterned fabric and colour scheme. I like the different collar shape though, more square in shape rather than the popular pointed or curved look. The decorative tucks add another unique feature to the garment instead of the typical fastening – buttons.


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