Winter has arrived & Christmas is coming! get out your woolly hats, soft scarves and cosy hats for the winter! Even though its cold, and we have to say goodbye to the pretty floral prints of summer i do enjoy the winterwear months of the year because of the oversized coats, and chunky knitwear paired up with the classic boot.

‘Wool Rules’ Vogue Trend A/W2012-13

I love the idea of using ‘winter’ as a theme/focus or inspiration espescially with fashion photography, such as using the cold creams and whites colour palette against the soft and exaggerated fur coats, knitwear. Below are some of my favourite ‘winter touched’ photography:

FQ magazine by Geoff Barrenger


Below are some of my own images i’ve decided to include, from my A level Art work. I created a bodice from Felting fabrics with a barbed needle machine and created a very textured art piece. I used the snowy weather as a photoshoot background idea to show off the bodice colour and practise/experiment with fashion photography! Wanted to include these images as i feel they work well and show photographic and stying skills as well as design. Even though winter wasn’t an focus for this project its good to refer back to at a later date perhaps!

Favourite Christmas jumpers out on the highstreet at the moment! Topshop, Miss Selfridge & River Island!


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