So picking one inspirational muse for this project was hard! I like alot of peoples and celebrity styles that i could easily use for inspiration for this project, so it was difficult choosing just one! I narrowed down my favourites and came up with with Alexa Chung, Fearne Cotton and Zoey Deschanel.
In the end i decided to pick Alexa Chung, because of her diverse, sophisticated yet laid back style! I really like how she can look casual yet smart, and dressed up for red carpet and events. I also think she has masculine style about her but with a hint of feminity which is exactly what i want for my Tshirts – and after my Tshirt survey too!






It Starts with an idea . .


After researching into more detail about Tshirts and branding i thought i’d post a new brand recently introduced onto the market than i really like and think has worked well as a whole brand and package. Its ISWAI, stands for ‘it starts with an idea’. You may or you may not know its Caggie Dunlops new brand well known from Made in Chelsea. Firstly i really like the simple yet intriguing brand name, it makes you really think and relates so well to the design and making of fashion. Her unique selling point of the brand i think is the fact she allows everyone to get involved in the designing, any age, or profession. Getting people invoved in what they want is such a good idea as it relates to your possible consumers immediately.
The first collection was called ‘Five Ways’ which allowed five designers to be chosen to design there own Tshirt design using a word of inspiration chosen by Caggie. Its such a unique way of creating a brand thats different from anything out there! At First it started off being just solely Tshirt designs and now ISWAI has introduced Jewellery designs, scarfs and Bags!

Fullscreen capture 30012013 150058

I also really like the simple logo and packaging technique – something i want to think about with my own brand!

Website link:


Along side our fashion comerce tshirt porject we are looking into merchandising, branding and marketing! After doing business studies A level i have a little knowledge about the business side of things but its good to refresh and think about it specifically with the fashion industry!

We went to Castlepoint to do some shop reporting, looking at things like window displays, shop and clothes layout, colour schemes, seperated collections, photography used correctly, clean and tidy spaces etc..


Firstly we looked at TKMAXX, this isn’t one of my favourite shops its too much of a jumble sale style for me, with mix matched clothing lines and nothing in a particular order! It was quite messy inside, with garments hung everywhere and items on the floor! The actual shop window was nothing exciting at all, there wasn’t even a window display to draw your attention i. It was very overly advertised at the front with over the top huge red labels stating the ‘sale’. Personally i would walk past this window and not feel invited in!


H&M have thought about this particular window in detail due to its simplicity and well thought out alignment. I like the way they have used both mannequins and the aid of photography to promote their store out there to the customers. Its not too over the top all too much going on. Just the right amount of garments and shoe accessories are being displayed making it catch your eye. They have also cleverly advertised the fact they have a sale on as well ‘under £10’ but without placing it across the whole window. Its still bold and bright red but without taking over the display. Also inside the store, its well laid out with garments on mannequins being advertised with the actual garment near by and on hand for you to pick up and try on rather than on the other side of the store! H&M wasn’t the tidiest store today but was better than TKMAXX.



Gap’s ‘sale’ advertising is very distracting and far too much to take in. It does not make you attracted to the store at all, and doesn’t even give you a glimpse of what the store has to offer – no window displays. The bold bright red just stands out too much and hides the shop i think, if they had much smaller signs then i’d actually want to stop and shop!! On the other hand the other window actually has a display and is serperated into two different collections – sportswear and baby gap. I’m not entirely sure if i like the seperate sections because they are competely different yet this is a good way to advertise what the store has to offer if you enter! I really like the ‘baby gap’ side, as it tells the story and journey behid the particular designs (inspired by Peter Rabbit). The added illustrations could also draw childrens attention to the window allowing their target market to connect to the designs – good promotion!


Topshop is one of my favourite shops (spend way too much money). I always find it a good shopping experience in Topshop as they fit in well with whats on trend and group items of clothing together than go well together and could become a possible outfit rather than seperate items making you spend more! In this image you can see how the clothes are together with a colour scheme apparent, i like the way they have mannequins with the new collections right at the front of the store straight away as you walk in capturing your eye. The clothes are there available for you to try on right next to the models. They have also cleverly decided to put the sale rail pretty close to the entrance drawing people in – alot of black leather studed jackets on sale – everyone must of prefered the fur collar alternative! the sale rails are always good to see what went well and what didnt.


I think of Next being more of an older target market compared to the other stores above but still on trend. Their window here is very simple and effective. It works well because it still shows a range of outfits as well as homewear items that are also on sale! I reall like the added flower tree decoration which also matches the decor inside the store. Having a theme works well as it brings the window and the store together connecting almost like a story. Even though i like the simplicity i think that the plain background could have something on it perhaps a light pattern, light hanging or even a mirror from inside the store – it just has an unfinished feel to it. Maybe its because all the others seem alot busier?


Wallis is another store aimed at the older market. I never really go in here unless for a gift for someone so it was new to me. Inside was a very well laid out store, clean and no clothes on the floor. Staff were continuously checking rails and size orders. The only negative thing i noticed was that the use of fashion photography advertising different looks were’t being matched with the actual items near by on hand for you to pick up. So if you liked the image on show the clothes may not even be in the shop!? If they had them on hand it would a much easier experiece for the consumer.


river island
River Island always have sophisticated window displays matching their brand and clothes well. This window is well thought out with a unusal background and mannequins displaying new collections. They also have a small sale label but not taking away the window display like GAPS does. They have even got shoes and accessories on display but without being too over the top.

I quite enjoyed looking at the shops in a different way, and not just being the customer! It was good to anaylse the stores and think about it in a merchandising way, and shop a litte bit!


Fashion Commerce


Having been set a live project (selling tshirt designs) its very exciting as we get to actually see our designs out in the real world not just in our sketchbooks! its a very good way of seeing how well your designs do in the fashion world but also a little scary due to various feedback we may recieve!

I’m not a massive fan of Tshirts so starting this project has been difficult for me to get into quickly. I think its because its also such a wide ranged topic that i have to really think about the outcome and narrow down possible ideas in order to make a good effective start. So i’ve started off researching other tshirt designs out there on the market right now, to get a feel of whats about and being done. I’ve looked at photographic designs, graphical, text and slogans, humour – lots of different types of tshrits to research the wide range and get a good understanding about what i could then go on and potentially design myself.



The First tshirt above is a very querky all over print, blurred paint effect makes it really stand out as well as the colour choice of blues and aqua. I like the unusal cartoon like print on the second one i think its a really unique Tshirt to what ive come across before. The choice of just sticking to three colours works well with this and the third one. The graphical print placed around the neckline is really interesting – one of my favourite finds so far! And lastly, the fourth one is very simple and plain which works well with just the text and white background. I also really like the ‘handwritten’ type of font makes it more indie/vintage.



Witht the ‘time for tea’ tshirt i like the ‘cute’ approach they have gone for, pastel shades of colour with a watercolour effect matches the light hearted statement across the middle. The striped effect gives it more of a overall pattern but doesnt take over the primary design; the text. The black and white all over pattern is very dominating compared to the other designs i’ve looked at. I like the graphical print and the repeat pattern style. I think i prefer the white based Tshirts more but i’m going to research into colours in more detail. Again the third tshirt has a ‘cute’ querky statement ‘head into the clouds’ a very indie approach i feel backed up with a photographic piece. Really like the pastel shades of colour and the added illustrative effect of the ‘drawn on’ bird design. Lastly the ISWAI is one of my favourtie tshirt designs i love the simplicity and hand drawn effect. The minimal colour scheme is very subtle yet effective, its more of a vest but i like the design alot!


So this term we have two different projects on the go and one of them is focusing on the digital side of fashion. Last term was all about learning all the basics and creating patterns by hand and this unit allows us to create them via technology (just like the industry!) I have had no previous experience with this side before hand, so was excited to start!

We digitised a ladies basic pattern into the LECTRA software – a very quick and easy way to start a pattern!

Fullscreen capture 29012013 222633.bmp

We have also had a go at creating new models in MODARIS – which is taking the digitised pattern and making it into more of a industry based pattern. For example adding grain line, sizes, seam allowances, matching lengths, hem etc. As well as this we made a variant for each piece containing pattern details allowing manufacturers to understand the patterns. As this was all very new to me it was alot to take it, but after practising a few times i’m slowly getting used to the software and programs.

Creating a Variant:

Fullscreen capture 29012013 222703.bmp

Creating Lay plans on DIAMINO – making sure its the most efficient lay out, this means allowing no wastage or left over fabric which saves money and time.

Fullscreen capture 29012013 222807.bmp

Final Layout plan of Front, Back, Sleeve, Cuff and Rib pieces ready to print:

Fullscreen capture 29012013 222351.bmp


Went to see the new film production Les Miserables last night and loved it! I’ve always wanted to see the London theatre musical show so hopefully this year i will as the whole production and storyline is amazing! Coming from a fashion background i was really interested to see the costumes used in the film to portray each character. Each outfit was extremely well put together envoking the sense of place of historical France, Paris and matching the emotive scenes to convey the story.
When creating any movie, costume design plays a huge part in telling the story as well as the acting and i think this film really shows this, for example Anne Hathaways Character ‘Fantine’ starts off a beautiful Parisian girl then ends up becoming a run down, unwell prostitute to pay for her daughters needs. But you can immediately see this change in her life due to her make up and costume design.

Found these interesting clips of the making behind hair, make up and costume design! Loved seeing the unique design sketches for the costumes.

Even though my primary focus is in womenswear fashion design, costume is a definate interest!