Went to see the new film production Les Miserables last night and loved it! I’ve always wanted to see the London theatre musical show so hopefully this year i will as the whole production and storyline is amazing! Coming from a fashion background i was really interested to see the costumes used in the film to portray each character. Each outfit was extremely well put together envoking the sense of place of historical France, Paris and matching the emotive scenes to convey the story.
When creating any movie, costume design plays a huge part in telling the story as well as the acting and i think this film really shows this, for example Anne Hathaways Character ‘Fantine’ starts off a beautiful Parisian girl then ends up becoming a run down, unwell prostitute to pay for her daughters needs. But you can immediately see this change in her life due to her make up and costume design.

Found these interesting clips of the making behind hair, make up and costume design! Loved seeing the unique design sketches for the costumes.

Even though my primary focus is in womenswear fashion design, costume is a definate interest!


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