So this term we have two different projects on the go and one of them is focusing on the digital side of fashion. Last term was all about learning all the basics and creating patterns by hand and this unit allows us to create them via technology (just like the industry!) I have had no previous experience with this side before hand, so was excited to start!

We digitised a ladies basic pattern into the LECTRA software – a very quick and easy way to start a pattern!

Fullscreen capture 29012013 222633.bmp

We have also had a go at creating new models in MODARIS – which is taking the digitised pattern and making it into more of a industry based pattern. For example adding grain line, sizes, seam allowances, matching lengths, hem etc. As well as this we made a variant for each piece containing pattern details allowing manufacturers to understand the patterns. As this was all very new to me it was alot to take it, but after practising a few times i’m slowly getting used to the software and programs.

Creating a Variant:

Fullscreen capture 29012013 222703.bmp

Creating Lay plans on DIAMINO – making sure its the most efficient lay out, this means allowing no wastage or left over fabric which saves money and time.

Fullscreen capture 29012013 222807.bmp

Final Layout plan of Front, Back, Sleeve, Cuff and Rib pieces ready to print:

Fullscreen capture 29012013 222351.bmp


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