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Having been set a live project (selling tshirt designs) its very exciting as we get to actually see our designs out in the real world not just in our sketchbooks! its a very good way of seeing how well your designs do in the fashion world but also a little scary due to various feedback we may recieve!

I’m not a massive fan of Tshirts so starting this project has been difficult for me to get into quickly. I think its because its also such a wide ranged topic that i have to really think about the outcome and narrow down possible ideas in order to make a good effective start. So i’ve started off researching other tshirt designs out there on the market right now, to get a feel of whats about and being done. I’ve looked at photographic designs, graphical, text and slogans, humour – lots of different types of tshrits to research the wide range and get a good understanding about what i could then go on and potentially design myself.



The First tshirt above is a very querky all over print, blurred paint effect makes it really stand out as well as the colour choice of blues and aqua. I like the unusal cartoon like print on the second one i think its a really unique Tshirt to what ive come across before. The choice of just sticking to three colours works well with this and the third one. The graphical print placed around the neckline is really interesting – one of my favourite finds so far! And lastly, the fourth one is very simple and plain which works well with just the text and white background. I also really like the ‘handwritten’ type of font makes it more indie/vintage.



Witht the ‘time for tea’ tshirt i like the ‘cute’ approach they have gone for, pastel shades of colour with a watercolour effect matches the light hearted statement across the middle. The striped effect gives it more of a overall pattern but doesnt take over the primary design; the text. The black and white all over pattern is very dominating compared to the other designs i’ve looked at. I like the graphical print and the repeat pattern style. I think i prefer the white based Tshirts more but i’m going to research into colours in more detail. Again the third tshirt has a ‘cute’ querky statement ‘head into the clouds’ a very indie approach i feel backed up with a photographic piece. Really like the pastel shades of colour and the added illustrative effect of the ‘drawn on’ bird design. Lastly the ISWAI is one of my favourtie tshirt designs i love the simplicity and hand drawn effect. The minimal colour scheme is very subtle yet effective, its more of a vest but i like the design alot!


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