It Starts with an idea . .


After researching into more detail about Tshirts and branding i thought i’d post a new brand recently introduced onto the market than i really like and think has worked well as a whole brand and package. Its ISWAI, stands for ‘it starts with an idea’. You may or you may not know its Caggie Dunlops new brand well known from Made in Chelsea. Firstly i really like the simple yet intriguing brand name, it makes you really think and relates so well to the design and making of fashion. Her unique selling point of the brand i think is the fact she allows everyone to get involved in the designing, any age, or profession. Getting people invoved in what they want is such a good idea as it relates to your possible consumers immediately.
The first collection was called ‘Five Ways’ which allowed five designers to be chosen to design there own Tshirt design using a word of inspiration chosen by Caggie. Its such a unique way of creating a brand thats different from anything out there! At First it started off being just solely Tshirt designs and now ISWAI has introduced Jewellery designs, scarfs and Bags!

Fullscreen capture 30012013 150058

I also really like the simple logo and packaging technique – something i want to think about with my own brand!

Website link: http://www.iswai.co.uk/


3 thoughts on “I.S.W.A.I

  1. The t-shirt designs are simple but girly, I like btw how did u get a video on ur blog since they updated wordpress im not sure how to do it, great research did u use style sight?

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