borrrrrder 2


Two weeks ago I went to London for a weekend of shopping and exploring! Whilst i was there i visited the Valentino Exhibiton at Somerset House which was amazing! Full of over 150 couture garments and accessories. Photos were not allowed to be taken, but instead of the garments being displayed behind a glass screan they were along the side of the walk way designed as a catwalk show with chairs (not to touch) but allowing you to really look at the garments closely. I loved the decorative beaded embellishments, chantilly lace panels, tucks and pleats and of course my favourite at the moment – Velvet!

The garment that stood at to me in particular was the A/W 1992/93 Black velvet and tulle evening gown with white ribbon detailing also worn by Julia Roberts (above) to the 2001 Oscar Ceremony. I love the simplistic evening style with the linear ribbon design. The black and white colour scheme really stands out without being over the top or too dark. In the exhibition there was also examples of fabric maniplutation techiniques used in Valentinos work as well as mini video tutorials showing the public how to create the techniques – i thought this was a really good extra feature to the exhibition!


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