New project this term is called Manifesto!

I’ts basically a free project where we decide our brief ourselves by coming up with a design manifesto. This sounds simple and free but I have found it harder to put what I want to do into words! I’ve decided to base my project on the idea of attention to detail. Looking at the very fine details inspired by a ‘English rose’ theme. As a designer I feel some of my strong qualities that arise throughout my work is the focus on making garments special by adding a specific detail.

This is part of my design manifesto: ‘The difference between something good and something great is the attention to detail. May it be small aspect or have a large impact it’s still significant. Detail in clothing may be about the single sewn seam, all over beaded embellishment or the floral printed pattern, each having a unique stamp. Attention to detail has a strong impact throughout my work as a designer, and I want to explore it further.’

At the moment, I’ve decided to use Rosie-Huntington Whiteley as my Muse. Because of her traditional ‘English beauty’ look and background. She grew up on a farm in Devon with nature and animals around her.

This is a fairly old video from January 2012 last year about the A/W 2011/12 collections but I really like the ‘traditional’ garden theme with the models surrounded in plant life and trees. Film by Shelley Jones, found on Fashion156 Magazine Blog. Just some inspiration to look at, as I’m really interested in fashion films at the moment too!


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