Summer holidays have gone by so fast already! looking back on my placement I’m missing the fast paced aspect of London, travelling on the tube and working the city! I learnt so much whilst I was there about running a business, making one-off garments, taking part in shows, and a lot more! Definitely looking forward to returning and doing more placements in the future.

Whilst I was there I did some communication/social networking tasks. Making sure the brand is connecting with its possible target market and audience by using Facebook and twitter. Posting quirky light hearted posts and features almost in a ‘blogging’ magazine style was a lot of fun! I tried to make them personal posts, making it easier for people to relate to when reading. Such as a ‘look of the week’ feature, picked an outfit and posted why I liked it, fabric choice and possible event for it. Was a lot of fun doing this and built up my confidence with advertising/communication skills.


Hello, I’m Hayley interning at Henrietta Ludgate, this week has been great working in the work shop studio! ‘look of the week’ goes to the lovely ‘Apollo’ wrap coat in a beautiful textured wool! loving the perfectly crafted structure and texture! X


Hayley here! the skater dress style is an on-going trend and here is Henrietta Ludgate’s take on the timeless look for ‘look of the week’ this ‘Fornacis’ sparkle skater dress is perfect for the summer evenings & cocktail parties! Love the hand knitted sparkled Lourex fabric and the multicoloured shade of green/blue gives it a luxurious feel! X