One of my new projects this year for second year is to complete a street style trends blog along with a research sketchbook. Haven’t actually looked into street style in a lot of depth before only a small project for foundation so am looking forward to getting into this one. I will have to find outfits/style on the street and around me that stand out in original and different ways. This one is a practice photo, just from around campus. My actual Street style blog is going to be separate from this one but here’s a sample..



With this look I really like the casual laid back style, a student from Uni so more of a work day look. The oversized white jumper sits well on the slightly baggy rolled up jean look. Which then matches the blue suede trainer. I’m not usually a fan of trainer type shoes but really like this version – they are more of a softer look and love the suede and ribbon laces! The Bobble hat is a key winter trend that comes back every year just before Christmas, this handmade knitted look adds a bit of colour to the overall look also matches the baby blue painted nail colour. I also really love the mix matched pieces of jewellery, silver rings and thin beaded bracelets complete the look.


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