So I’ve heard of this blog so many times, the name Sartorialist comes up all the time, but just haven’t had a look..until now! and I LOVE this street style blog, its a very inspiring blog, capturing peoples style, look, personality but it different ways! I’m right in the middle of my own street style project at the moment as I said in the last post, so am in the process of researching all kinds of blogs and getting into the swing of street style. This is definitely one of my favourites so far. The way Scott Schuman goes about his photography is very meaningful and so unique compared to others. He wants to find people who he finds inspiring and interesting, not just people who are on trend. I also really like how some of his posts/photographs are just of the person standing infront of the camera normal (like a normal average street style pose) but then some are in the moment, not looking, or just getting on with their lifes. They really capture the style on the street rather than a set up image. Here’s an inspiring video I found whilst researching..!


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